Audit Portfolio

ABA security and audit portfolio

The following is a public profile of my career as a blockchain Security Researcher and Smart Contract Auditor. I started by doing competitive audits at Code4rena, Sherlock and on the newer platforms such as CodeHawks and Cantina.

Currently I do private audits and engagements. I also engage in collaborative security reviews with Guardian Audits, reputable leaders in the space in both audit quality and educational content.

You can find me on X (Twitter) ABA (@abarbatei) or on WarpCast ABA (abarbatei.eth)

Security Engagements

Engagement dateProjectAudited FunctionalityLogisticsLanguageReport
May 2024UndisclosedBlast on-chain lottery gamesub7 solo collaborationSolidity-
May 2024b0rder1essExtension on my previous NAP auditSolo private auditSolidityb0rder1ess-NAP_Extension_Audit_Report.pdf
May 2024DN404ERC7631 standard co-joined ERC20 and ERC721 implementationGuardian team collaborationSolidity2024-05-13_DN404.pdf
Apr 2024UndisclosedGMX V2 backed stablecoinGuardian team collaborationSolidity-
Mar 2024UndisclosedStaking and token migrationGuardian team collaborationSolidity-
Mar 2024UndisclosedGMX V1 backed stablecoinGuardian team collaborationSolidity-
Feb 2024b0rder1essNFTs backed by Uniswap V2 liquiditySolo private auditSolidityb0rder1ess-Native_Assurance_Protocol_Audit_Report-v1.1.pdf
Jan 2024UndisclosedLiquid Restaking EigenLayer IntegrationGuardian team collaborationSolidity-
Dec 2023IthilBorrowing, lending and options logic; integration with GMX V1, AAVE, Fraxlend and AngleSolo private auditSolidityIthil-v2-Security-Review-v105.pdf
Dec 2023UmamiGMX V2 market index: GMIGuardian team collaborationSolidity2024-01-10_Umami.pdf
Nov 2023DolomiteGMX V2 integration; borrowing and lending GMGuardian team collaborationSolidity2023-01-11_Dolomite.pdf
Oct 2023PariFiPerpetuals logicGuardian team collaborationSolidity11-15-2023_PariFi.pdf



Public Audit Contests

DateContestPlatformRankOfficial ReportMy findings
Oct 2023BrahmaCode4rena🥇 1st out of 51Link1M
Jul 2023Beedle - Oracle free perpetual lendingCodeHawks7th out of 276Link5H 2M
May 2023Maia DAO EcosystemCode4rena6th out of 101Link2H 4M
May 2023Juicebox Buyback DelegateCode4rena🥇 1st out of 72Link1M
Apr 2023EigenLayerCode4rena18th out of 43Link1M
Apr 2023ENSCode4rena21th out of 59LinkLows
Mar 2023Neo TokyoCode4rena5th out of 123Link2H
Feb 2023OlympusDAO: Single Sided Liquidity VaultsSherlock11th out of 154Link3H 1M
Feb 2023Fair Funding by Alchemix & UnstoppableSherlock5th out of 107Link3M
Jan 2023OpenSea Seaport 1.2Code4rena6th out of 23LinkLows

Public Audit Competitions

DateContestPlatformRankOfficial Solution
Feb 2024Race 27Secureum25th out of 140Link
Oct 2023Race 22Secureum13th out of 175Link
Mar 2023Race 16Secureum16th out of 205Link

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